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Amore by Juliana: Where the Love Story Began

Wedding gifts are some of the most meaningful, some of the most important and some of the most nostalgic gifts we will ever give. 

A truly special wedding gift has the power to hold the warmth and love of the day and give it back whenever the couple looks at it or hold it. To re-appropriate the cliché, a great wedding gift is the gift that keeps on giving.

The story of Amore by Juliana starts back in the early 2000s. In north Manchester at one of the UK's leading home and gift suppliers - WIDDOP and Co. The family owned company had been supplying gifts, including wedding and anniversary gifts, to shops around the country and Ireland, for over 100 years.

Starting in 1987 we had started working with factories in China to create our products. Using their expertise to create new gifts and keepsakes. But by the late 1990s everyone was doing the same thing, using the same factories. So creating new and exciting products was getting harder and harder. Every shop in the UK was selling the same wedding gifts, the same anniversary keepsakes. And how could our gifts do what a wedding gift should do if they were just common, run of the mill items?

Well, they couldn't. Something had to change.

China couldn't keep providing us with unique ideas and products while also providing it to every other Tom, Dick or Harriet.

We needed to bring that responsibility home. 

So we set about creating our team. We hand picked the best designers from local universities and art schools. A special bunch of people who shared our vision and who shared our belief that a special gift is more than just something you give someone on a big day. The gift needs to absorb the love, the well wishes, the sentiment and the joy and give it back for the rest of the love story.

Italy and Italian style and culture has long been associated with romance and love. Love is infused into the nation, the people, the landscape, the music, the food, the fashion, just about everything. We wanted to evoke this same style, passion and romance. And what does this better than the classic Dean Martin croon That's Amore..?

And so the Amore by Juliana love story began. In 2012 we released our first collection, after years of development staring with pencil and paper and progressing to design tablets and computers.

Our logo - Simple, silver and elegant.

Our premise was simple. We wanted to create unique, beautiful gifts. And to do this, we needed to put a whole lot of love, care, attention, affection and passion into what we were creating. 

The first range was small, fewer than 50 items. But we soon realised that Amore by Juliana needed to be a collection for the entire love story, not just the wedding day. 

We developed engagement, anniversary, bridal shower, bridal party and general love gifts and keepsakes, so that the Amore story could accompany a couple through their journey.

We kept our style classic, elegant and timeless. To suit the purity of love and that timeless romance of Italian style. White, silver & gold, with subtle florals, sweet sentiments and beautiful simplicity.

Our classic, Italian inspired signature style - Crisp white, elegant florals and metallic foils.

Today there are over 300 gifts in the collection. From mugs to photo frames, certificate holders to wedding stationery we have a wonderful collection of classic and modern gifts, stylishly re-imagined to make the perfect gift to partner your real-life love stories.

Each gift is designed in the UK. And each and every gift is the product of hard work, dedication and love. Much like a beautiful relationship. 

Our gifts aren't just for the day. They are for the whole love story.

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